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Privacy is a fundamental human right. At Bawaal Trend, It’s also one of our core values.

This section may be updated over time, and we won’t provide advance notice, so check the Privacy Policy often. Bawaal Trend (“we”, “us”, “our”, “website”) bonds with Customers and/or Visitors by designing a Privacy Policy to ensure their personal information is safe. We will protect the information we collect from you according to this Privacy Policy and the Indian Constitution.

These policies introduce

Your data and ours, Taking your personal information, Security practices and policies, and The company’s data-sharing policy, The company’s data-sharing policy.

Information Act 2000 (“IT Act”) and Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011 (“SPDI Rules”).

What kind of info do we get?

Your information is received, collected, and stored encrypted. From your first visit until you become a regular customer, we keep your data safe from mishaps and leaks.

Self-to-Us Information

Your explicit Personal Information on our Website includes

Identify, Inbox, Password, Location, Your phone/s, Birthday, sex.

(Sales and/or purchases)

Our Website also tracks the services you use. This includes the time you use the service, the discounts you get from our campaigns or a referral code, the surveys you fill out via phone, email, or our Website, and the social media links you click.

Our “You”-sourced info.

When you visit our website, we collect your information in our server logs for Company Data. We collect;

Device IP, Location, Your website visit, Search lists, Browser which you use, Your website visit, Your website visits and length of stay,Your device’s OS, and Your social media links.

Why take this information?

To begin any website-visitor relationship, we must collect your information with your consent. You won’t receive our Company’s benefits if you don’t provide your personal information Company’s website.

We need your information to:

Sending company news, Knowing your preferences and showing related products, Surveys and marketing messages, and Reviewing and analyzing website data.

To introduce ourselves

Notifying you of upcoming discounts on products and services like membership, payment support, shipment tracking, and complaints.

Responding to your concerns, questions, and service requests, Making website searches smooth and informative, Fulfilling your purchase from us, and Downloading management.

Our Company’s service improvement

Website credibility

Compliance with India’s legal systems, requirements, and disclosures.


With your permission, cookies are alphanumeric identifying files that transfer device information to our Company’s shared drive.

The cookies taskbar opens after entering our website and asks for your email ID. It tells us about your device, reference link, browser type, content navigation, access authentication, personal preferences, and Website activity.

Disclosure and third-party involvement

Our databases are secured with minimal effort and effective measures. We keep your data encoded so the Company won’t display it, and its systems are encrypted.

As you’ve given your consent for data provision, the Company won’t be responsible for any breach unless there’s a glitch and negligence.

We aren’t responsible for any loss/damage/misuse beyond our reasonable control, such as acts of God, sabotage, any natural disaster/calamity, Epidemic/Pandemic, acts of government, wars, computer hacking, unauthorised access to computer data and storage device, breach of security and encryption, etc.

We won’t share your Private and Sensitive Information with anyone. We may have to share aggregated data with them, but not all your data.

They’re merging with them.

Future company successor, For advertising/sponsorships.

Our payment partners store your financial information (during order placement), including bank transfer, debit/credit card, UPI, and one-time password (OTP).

We won’t share your information with unaffiliated or unauthorized third parties. We’re not responsible for any breach/misuse if you provide your information via our link.

The Company may be required to provide data to government authorities for identity verification, incident detection or investigation, prosecution, or punishment.

You can change your account information 24*7 on our website.

You voluntarily gave the Company all consenting information. You can opt-out of receiving helpline emails by emailing

Even after withdrawing, the Company may need to keep certain data for legal reasons. The Company’s privacy policy doesn’t apply.

Your end data protection

 We’ll do everything to protect your data. As a user, you must protect your online identity from any unacceptable situations.


When interacting with other website users, be cautious about sharing private information. The carelessly given data can be used/misused by other users on our/other websites.

You should know about external links. Sometimes, non-promoted content appears on our website. You’ll be taken to a website with a different Privacy Policy when you click that link.

Don’t tell anyone the main and one-time passwords. You must protect sensitive information.

This website is for adults. No children’s clothes here. Underage users should be supervised by a parent/guardian.

We’re reachable

Please email with questions about our services, products, and memberships.