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We’re are glad to know that you are interested in knowing our story.
We know that you’re special and different from other gost visitors,who just come and go, so we have some unique information for our special one.

Once we friends are looking for something new and unique to wear that help us to stay trendy, also suits with our cool and crazy Vibes, and our personality too, because we are tired of wearing superhero, comic charters or cartoon design charters or movie dialogue. because every 10 out 6 people has that kind of clothing or design so nothing special for our crazy Vibes.

We are also tired of being treated like mannequins for other brands simply promoting their brands on our clothes.

So we bring up with revolutionary idea to create a brand and design that will make you fashionable, keep you stay trendy, match with your cool and crazy Vibes, and make you believed that you’re a superhero of your own life.

Once Zakir khan ( Shakt Launda ) said

” Hum sab apni apni life ke hero hai “

We started our journey with one thought ” Wear what you are ” and

one wish ” keep you stay trendy ” with our unique, crazy, funny, and meaningful designs.

Yes, We agreed that there are many different superhero merchandise, movie dialogues, comic, cartoons, and other merchandise. All of these merchandise can be overwhelming, even overwhelming enough to be a problem for the next generation

After some trial and error (on ourselves and our friends, of course), we were able to figure out ” how our outfit represent our personality and vibe without saying a single word ?”

Throughout our R&D and our friends feedback and reviews we can say that our design are unique that can help you to stay trendy also match up with your vibe and present you as individual artist.

Even if you and your cousins or best friends all end up buying the same thing, once you put it on, then it represents only you, you will never be felt common, it’s like when guddu bhaiya said.

Everyone wants to stay on trend, right? So after discussing an alot of crazy, funny, weird, professional, corporate, etc. apparel brand name suggestions but one is suitable for our brand. So we thought we’re here to provide you latest trends through our unique designs and apparel right. Then why don’t we didn’t use “Trend” as name?

{ That’s how we got word “Trend” (L.H.S.) }

We got the trend but something was still missing in it. It looked incomplete. We went through more than 500 suggestions but didn’t get the proper word that could mix up with the trend. And suddenly this meme came up with dialogue and one word that shook us completely. That is “Bawaal.”.(L.H.S.)

That’s how Trend got Bawaal and it’s become BawaalTrend.

( R.H.S )

Hence, L.H.S = R.H.S.


We started this project with 4 OG creators who loved to serve their ideas, creative designs and art to the next Gen, then we started looking for more OG creators, who also have passion and dreams like us and luckily we found them, so we can said that…

we have now grown with 20+ OG creators family, who is crazy, funny, slightly weird, sometimes lazy but more professional and willing to serve you more and more designs, art and creation, because

Our Pride

Yes we proudly said that our design are our prides. Because we took almost one and half year to create different categories and our each and every design is based on different passions, moods, hobbies, lifestyle preference and more.

No other brands or local shoppers can copy our design and creation because all copyright reserved by @Bawaaltrend only and that’s why our design and products are premium, so you can wear with pride too.

That’s how our designs enable you to express and enhance your personality without afraid of first copy scam.

Note:- Our all products and designs are coming with premium range and that’s why we mentioned on our website and believed that

” Our products are not for Nibba-Nibbi “

Our trends

Product Quality

The only major difference between a Local cotton and our Premium quality Cotton is after Washes Some how local Cotton fabric Loos their original color and shapes.

Local manufacturer or shoppers manipulated T-shirts too look Premium but not feel premium , that’s why we heard some many times from our mother who used to say

” Abhi ek size badi lelo, dhone ke bad size choti ho jayegi”

After 1-2 washes the local cotton gives up and changes shapes weirdly While Premium cotton stays intact in everyway it can be it color or shape ..

We Do not compromised our products quality with any other fabric or Material to Decrease the Cost price OR increase the GSM (thickness) of the Apparels. Our all products are 100% cotton with bio-Wash technology.

Bio-Wash is a fabric finishing procedure that improves textile consistency by reducing fraying and unevenness in (cellulose) stitched garments. This finishing technique is used on cellulose clothes to create long-lasting results through the application of enzymes. This procedure eliminates protruding threads and slobs from quilted garments, substantially decreases pilling, softens the textile side, and gives the garment a seamless look.

This is where we put lives on our solid color apparels throughout our printing technology. Prints are Crisp 4K quality CMYK 300 DPI not a pixel lesser with High Density 100% Original, so you will never feel faded out from color full world. We did 101+ handwashing trails on our apparels, ” No matter whatever we do ” most Our Print NEVER gets removed or even fade 1%. Note:- Sometimes fabrics are effected by whether or some other natural or unnatural sources, so Do check our Do’s and Don’ts.